We [enable] changed another life yesterday….probably one of the most profound things I have done in my life. Over the course of five days, I helped my sons 3rd grade class make a hand for one of their classmates. They learned about enablingthefuture.org and the process of 3D printing. Then they all had a part in assembling the hand. There was always the question if Parris had enough wrist movement in order to operate it. She wouldn’t get the chance to try out the full working model until the last day. So, on the final day in the auditorium in front of the whole 3rd grade, two TV stations, teachers and parents I began the presentation. After a summary of the project, I asked my sons class to line up in front of the stage with Parris at the end. “Each one of you had a hand in making something special that will change Parris’ life”. I gave the hand to the first student and they passed the hand to each other all the way down to Parris. Then her mom and I put it on. And with parents, teachers, classmates, TV cameras looking on…..she bent her wrist and the fingers curled! Simply amazing! This was caught on camera in the news video below.