The Coca-Cola Space Science Center was awarded an ASTC grant backed by Disney to continue a program that partners with local schools in order to 3D print a prosthetic hand for a recipient. Thanks to this grant, we empowered two fourth grade classes to change someones life. We partnered with Key Elementary in Columbus, Ga to work with two 4th grade classes to learn 3D printing and make a 3D printed hand for a little boy named Max who lives in Chicago. He is missing fingers on his left hand. We brought five 3D printers into the classroom and over the course of a week, the students learned about 3D printing and made Max two hands. The director of the program, Lance Tankersley and assistant Charles Cowsert, decided to “hand” deliver the classes hands to Max in Chicago. We traveled to Chicago and surprised Max with his two hands (one that fits his and one larger one so he can grow into) and delivered the letters the classes wrote to Max. It was an incredible experience and we are so proud of the students at Key Elementary! They are the superheros in this story! Thank you to assistant Charles Cowsert, their awesome teacher Ms. Everingham, Principal Dr. Flakes, Disney, and ASTC! For more information visit, The Coca-Cola Space Science Center ( or